Hire Your Car Type in Dubai

Getting to know the variety of rental cars

The dominance of rental cars opens up a cornucopia of choices carefully selected to meet different requirements, lifestyles and discerning tastes. From streamlined coupes and pragmatic sedans to rugged SUVs and glitzy convertibles, there's the perfect chariot for every soul.

How are coupe cars different?

While it's a common belief that coupes are simply two-door cars with two passengers, this class doesn't adhere to such parameters. Lamborghini Huracan Coupe and Ford Mustang Coupe are prime examples. Some four-door cars also fall into this category, their distinguishing feature is a descending roof line that gives an athletic look, although it does cripple the space for rear passengers and luggage.

What makes saloon cars an attractive rental option?

Saloon cars are becoming a desirable option for car rentals in countries like the UAE, thanks to reliable suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and others. They meet a whole range of requirements, offering choices from leading manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes. With a spacious cabin that comfortably accommodates five people and enough trunk space for 3-4 suitcases, sedans are a pragmatic choice for both ephemeral and long-term rentals.

Why are sporty SUVs growing in popularity in Dubai?

SUVs are experiencing a global rise in popularity due to their unmatched comfort, plenty of room, superior visibility from the driver's seat and commendable safety features. This trend is especially true in the UAE, where SUVs such as the BMW x5 and Mercedes G Class are locally favored. These huge SUVs command respect with their broad demeanor and elevated seating, making them the preferred option for those looking for a formidable presence on the road.

How can you get attractive deals on convertible rentals?

Convertibles are always in high demand, especially during holiday periods, Eid al-Fitr and winter in Dubai. To get the best deal, it's wise to book the car in advance. Negotiate boldly if you plan to extend your rental period. Finding the quintessential convertible that meets your requirements has never been easier.


Is free delivery and collection available?

Yes,free deliveries/pickups are available.

What does the cost of renting an open top vehicle include?

Rental price includes basic RTA-compliant insurance and a standard mileage limit. Child seats, subject to availability, are available free of charge upon request.

For renting a car in Dubai, what documents do I need?

If you reside in the UAE, you are required to provide: A valid UAE driving license (UAE Driving License) and your ID card in the Emirates. Conversely, if you are coming to Dubai for the resort, you must provide: passports, a facsimile of your visa/visa stamp, and a valid international driving license.

In Dubai, what is the situation with accommodation in vehicles?

Parking in Dubai is usually a combination of paid parking lots and municipal parking lots. The parking lanes are usually large enough for all categories of vehicles. mParking, a service that facilitates payment via SMS, is the best choice. The fee is deducted from your local cell phone balance. For complete information, we suggest checking out our complete guide to parking in Dubai. Valet parking is offered at most locations throughout Dubai. It can cost anywhere from AED 10 to AED 200 per hour. Many 5-star hotels and restaurants even provide a free parking service for those who arrive in a luxury luxury luxury or sports car. They can even display your supercar right at the entrance to the lobby, given its status symbol.