Tesla Rental Dubai

Grey Tesla Model S Long Range, 2022

Deposit $ 1,499
0 km/day
Weekly: $ 3,433
Monthly: $ 11,444
$ 572
per day

Tesla Model S

Indeed, the Tesla Model S  is no mere conveyance. It embodies velocity incarnate, a testament to the pinnacle of automotive evolution. Since its genesis in 2012, this paragon of vehicular excellence has been the lynchpin in Tesla's triumphant narrative, a harmonious synthesis of luxury and dynamism, housed within the sculptured elegance of a four-door sedan.

Abundant dimensions are its hallmark. Designed to comfortably accommodate a quintet of occupants, its capacious interiors are but a prelude to the additional stowage spaces secreted in both the anterior (frunk) and posterior compartments. A sanctuary and a storehouse, all rolled into one.

Velocity is its ethos. The Tesla Model S  does not simply propel forward, it catapults from inertia to a 100 km/h in a staggering 3.2 seconds. This feat of engineering is not just rapid, it is meteoric, catapulting it into the rarified echelons of the fastest factory-produced vehicles.

Safety is not a mere footnote, it is at the core of its design. The Model S has garnered plaudits from regulatory bodies the world over, with accolades including a coveted quintuple star crash-test safety assessment from the consumer advisory titan, EuroNCAP.

In the artistry of its design, the power of its performance, and the integrity of its safety features, the Tesla Model S  is indeed an embodiment of vehicular excellence. It is not merely a car, it is an experience.


What type of insurance comes with this vehicle?

This vehicle comes with all-inclusive insurance coverage.

Is the deposit payable in cash or credit card?

Our preferred method for deposit transactions is via credit card. This provides an easier and safer method for refunding your deposit.

Is it possible to receive the vehicle with a full tank of gas?

Our company policy mandates that vehicles should be returned with the same amount of fuel as they were rented with. Thus, if you require a full tank at the start of your rental, we can accommodate that, provided you return it at the same fuel level.

Are there any fees associated with delivery and pickup?

We provide complimentary delivery and pickup within Dubai, including Dubai International Airport, dependent on scheduling. We also offer delivery services to locations outside of Dubai such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ajman. However, these services are subject to additional fees, which vary based on the location.