Alfa Romeo Rental Dubai

Blue Alfa Romeo Giulietta, 2020

Deposit $ 545
100 km/day
Weekly: $ 490
Monthly: $ 956
$ 81
per day

Alfa Romeo cars

Known for their pathos and vigor, Alfa Romeo cars can be the quintessential choice for the connoisseur who wants a car with many features. These cars boast not only a roomy interior and exterior, but also an extraordinary powertrain that develops astounding torque. Alfa Romeo has its own unique appeal. Nevertheless, the potential buyer should have some knowledge before purchasing.

Historic footprint

The genesis of Alfa Romeo, the Italian car manufacturing company, can be traced back to the conception of Giovanni Agnelli in 1909.

Beginning its journey of creating cars in 1915, the company has been continually adding new wonders to its collection ever since.

Alfa Romeo's predilection for motorsports became apparent in the 1920s, when the company began competing in Grand Prix. A string of victories followed, including such prestigious events as the Mille Miglia (1954) and Targa Florio (1957). In addition to circuit racing, Alfa Romeo has demonstrated its prowess in rally and rallycross.

Alfa Romeo Advantage

Alfa Romeo's automotive wonders are an abundance of space both inside and out, combined with a powertrain that produces an impressive amount of torque that sets them apart from other popular cars on the market. There are plenty of options available for discerning buyers, but for those leaning toward purchasing an Alfa Romeo, some knowledge is necessary.

For those who prefer a time-tested classic, investing in an Alfa Romeo model with a production history spanning more than six decades may be a tempting choice.

Alfa Romeo cars have carved a niche for themselves because of their superior performance and reliability. Their unique design language sets them apart from other cars. In addition, their engines, with more power than other models in the same class, provide acceleration that surpasses the competition.


What Is The Per Day Allowed Mileage?

The maximum daily mileage is 250km; any further kilometers will be paid separately. While finalizing the booking, you can add more mileage.

What Differs Comprehensive Insurance From Full Insurance?

When you carry comprehensive insurance, which is also known as third-party insurance, you are responsible for any damages you do to the other party’s vehicle. (freely provided in all autos). Although the complete insurance will cover everything, you will receive police insurance and not be responsible for any damages if you damage the automobile. (Separately purchased)

Are You Able To Deliver To Abu Dhabi?

Within the Emirate of Dubai, delivery is free.